It was just over a year ago, early February, 2010, that Shreveport Green's Assistant Director was gunned down inside her S-U-V by a student worker whom she had taken under her wings. 

Now, justice for Yvonne Lee.  

It took a Caddo Parish jury just one-hour and fifteen-minutes to return a verdict against her student worker Markeece Mosley -- Guilty of second-degree murder. 

Lee was taking Mosley home after work, when he reportedly took out a handgun and shot her twice in the head as they were going down Wyngate.  The S-U-V crashed and Mosley took off.  A passer-by found Lee slumped over the steering wheel and called police.  When officers got there the motor was still running.  

Recent developments show that Mosley apparently stole an I-phone and some money from another worker at Shreveport Green and Lee suspected that Mosley probably did it.  Mosley did return the cell phone, but not the money. 

When she was killed, Lee was taking Mosley to his home in the 900 block of Bartlett Street to get his mother to sign an authorization to administer a polygraph test on her son, who was just 17 years old.  Prosecutors believe that was the motive for the shooting.  

Mosley is set to be sentenced this Monday, February 14th, by Judge Roy Brun.  He's likely to get life in prison at hard labor, without the benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.