Caddo Parish Coroner Dr. Todd Thoma talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about the effect the Coronavirus is having on his office and the precautions his staff is taking to ensure their own safety.

In Caddo Parish we have about 3,000 deaths a year and that doesn't vary much. In the pandemic...we don't how much it's going to go up at this time. We've had several deaths in Caddo Parish already that we're having to deal with."

The coroner adds that he and his staff are taking added precautions, as COVID 19 can be contracted from someone who is deceased. "I have not sent one for autopsy yet, mostly because of the risk that's involved. When they (die from the virus) we handle the body like we normally handle the body, but we disinfect the bags, label them and make sure that the funeral homes know what's going on."

Thoma also points out that someone from the Caddo Coroner's Office has visited area funeral homes "to make sure they are aware of our protocol and that they have a protocol in place."

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