Hundreds of mail-in ballots in Caddo Parish are wrong and elections officials are working to correct the goof-up.

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Louisiana Commissioner of Elections Sherri Wharton-Hadskey tells KEEL News from what she has been able to learn is that 813 incorrect ballots were sent out by the Registrar of Voters Office in Caddo Parish. The Registrar will now contact all of those folks to let them know they will be getting a corrected ballot and the first one will not count.

What Are the Voting Numbers in Caddo?

Wharton-Hadskey says Caddo Parish has about 157,000 registered voters. 71% of them typically go to the polls on election day and 12% of them cast a ballot during early voting. Only a small percentage will vote via mail with absentee voting method.

The Elections Commissioner says most of the problems in Caddo deal with redistricting. Some of the ballots sent to voters apparently use the old district lines rather than the new lines. Once the problem was discovered, the Caddo Registrar immediately stopped sending out the ballots until corrections were made. She says "every 10 years we go through redistricting and parish leaders worked with the registrar and the demographer to get the districts completed before qualifying." She says  "occasionally we have errors in that process." She says they have identified a few precincts in Caddo Parish where the districts need to be corrected.

What Should You Do Before You Go Vote?

Wharton-Hadskey also encourages all voters to log on to the voter portal site at the Secretary of State's Office to make sure you know what district you live in since there have been changes across the state. You should check out your sample ballot and know what you will see when it is time to vote.

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