Louisiana is not doing a good job at social distancing. That's the latest finding in the Unacast Report.  The company launched a scorecard earlier this spring based on cell phone GPS data and it finds more people are getting out an about and coming into contact with other people.

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The entire state gets an F after getting a C at the end of March. Orleans Parish is the only one in the state with a score above C.....they got a C+. Three Northwest Louisiana Parishes are failing. They are Bossier, Caddo and Webster. Natchitoches scores a D- while Sabine Parish gets a D and Red River Parish gets a D+. Bienville, Claiborne and DeSoto all score C's on this latest report.

The news is not good for our neighbors, either. Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas also got an F on the latest scorecard. Harrison County right across the border gets an F. Bowie County also scores and F. Panola County residents get a D on this most recent report.

Miller and Lafayette Counties in Arkansas also scored an F on social distancing. Columbia County scored a C.

Click here to see the methodology used to gather this data.

Only Alaska, North and South Dakota, Nevada, Vermont and Maine score a C. All other states get a D or F for social distancing.

These results will likely concern the medical experts who have maintained all along that another wave of the Coronavirus could be worse than the first.

The CDC reports 1,2 million cases of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. with 73,297 deaths.

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