Photos and video posted by Shreveport resident show a fairly brutal hit-and-run. Apparently a Jeep hit this woman's parked car head-on, and kept driving with significant damage to their vehicle.

The Jeep seen in the video above, was moving slowly enough that their license plate number could be filmed, but when Shreveport police tried looking the plate numbers up, they realized that the plates didn't match the vehicle. The driver of the Jeep is apparently in a stolen car with switched plates.

The Broadmoor resident who filmed the Jeep driving away is urging anyone with any information on the Jeep to call Crime Stoppers or local police in her Facebook post.

"Someone totaled my car this morning as I was walking out the door. I didn’t approach her, but I got her plates. The police ran the plates but they were switched, so we don’t have an id on this person. They were driving east an older tan Jeep, and it couldn’t have gone far. Does anybody know who this could be? It happened on Pennsylvania Ave in Broadmoor at 8 this morning. If you see the tan Jeep Cherokee with damage on the front bumper, please do not approach it. CALL SPD or Crimestoppers @ 673-7373 IMMEDIATELY. If you live in broadmoor and have surveillance cameras pointing down your driveway, please check them around 8:03 AM 9/22/20. Any footage will help narrow down our search. Thanks again!"


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