A local woman says she was embarrassed while trying to breastfeed her baby during a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings in Bossier City. As a result, a breastfeeding sit-in is planned for the Airline Drive location Tuesday afternoon at 5pm.

Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images
Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Bobee Carrol of Doyline writes on her Facebook page:

So this just happened at Buffalo Wild Wings in Bossier. I breast feed. Any time my daughter is hungry. I’m discreet and use a two shirt method. We were in the corner and NO ONE ELSE could see us or what I was doing except the cashiers behind the to go counter because I was facing that wall. Our waiter disappeared and in rolls a manger with a fleece I repeat FLEECE blanket. She asks if I have a cover for my baby and I say no. And she says I brought this one over for you. I said it’s illegal for you to tell me I have to cover up. She said you feel like it’s illegal? I said no, it IS illegal. There are laws and you can’t tell me I have to cover up. I’m not putting that blanket over us. It’s hot and she’s going to start sweating. She told me our waiter didn’t want to see all that. I said well you can drape the blanket over something but you’re not covering us up. So here I am. With my baby. Barricaded in because my waiter didn’t want to see all that.

Carroll says she contacted the corporate office for Buffalo Wild Wings and management has apologized for the inexperienced reaction she received at the Bossier City location.

But Carroll is not stopping there. She contacted several moms involved with breastfeeding promotion and they are hosting a breastfeeding sit-in this week.

The Facebook event page says

We’re hosting a sit in to prevent future bullying of moms breastfeeding in public. Bring your babies and ya boobies. Be respectful and tip accordingly. We’re not trying to start a brawl. We’re here for support.

Carroll says this is a public event and anyone that would like to nurse in public may join us.

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