Things got a bit testy at the Bossier City Council meeting on Wednesday. John Settle, who owns the Inquisitor newspaper stepped to the podium to ask about an agenda item and whether or not it was handled properly. City attorney Charles Jacobs answered him saying it was within the Council's rights to do what they were doing.

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As he walks away from the podium, you hear Settle tell Jacobs (a former judge) "you're a city attorney, not a judge". That's when Councilman David Montgomery calls on a city Marshall to escort Settle out. But Settle said he would leave on his own.

You then hear this comment, originally attributed to Montgomery, “There’s going to be a time when I run over that son-of-a-bitch with a Zamboni.”

Jacobs says he made the comment and he issued this apology:

Yesterday evening, you and multiple other news sources reported that Bossier City Council Member, David Montgomery, made a certain comment concerning John Settle and a zamboni. That reporting was in error. I, Charles Jacobs, made that comment. I sincerely apologize to Mayor Chandler, all members of the Bossier City Council, and most especially, to Ms. Amanda Nottingham, for the distraction.

Here is the short version of the exchange:

This all happened about 35:00 into the Council meeting. Here's the longer version if you want to see the context leading up to this exchange.

There is no love lost between Settle and Montgomery. In a recent article, Settle referred to the councilman as "King David".

Here is the full quote he published about the appointment of Amanda Nottingham as Chief Administrative Officer in Bossier:

Does Nottingham really work for Chandler or must she appease King David if she ever wants to advance to the CAO chair?  And if Chandler ever finds a real CAO candidate that can get King David's blessing, what position if any will Nottingham hold?

Nottingham was appointed to the CAO position.

Last week, Shane Cheatham who was Mayor Tommy Chandler's pick for CAO told KEEL News he was out and he pointed the finger at Montgomery and the power he wields in Bossier City.

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