How does Louisiana stack up on the Big Mac Index? The Economist took a look at the price of the popular burger around the world to see what kind of impact inflation has had on the price of the fast food item.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The burger costs $7.26 in Switzerland which is the highest price in the world. The cheapest Big Mac can be found in Venezuela where you can snap up the two all beef patty sandwich for $1.76. The average US price for a Big Mac is $5.15 which puts us at 6th highest in the world.

If you drill down and look at the prices in all of the U.S. states, you will find the highest price in Hawaii where the burger will set you back $5.31. The lowest price in the U.S. is Mississippi where they sell for a $3.91.

In Louisiana, the average price for a Big Mac is $4.15. This puts us in a tie with Georgia for 17th cheapest in the country.

A year or two ago, the average price for a Big Mac in the U.S. was closer to $4.00 and the burger cost about $3.50 in Louisiana. The higher prices are directly linked to inflation and supply chain problems across the country.

Analysts don't see the prices falling anytime soon.

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