SHREVEPORT, LA - Louisiana is on the cutting edge of technology on the food service front. A company based in Baton Rouge has developed a new way to serve food and drinks to the public.

Speedy Eats

What Is this New Business?

It's a mix between a vending machine and a convenience store. This new spot is called Speedy Eats. It's a drive-thru business where you can pick up a quick meal and a drink without ever getting out of your car. Yes, they do serve hot meals at Speedy Eats.

The Baton Rouge Business Report says Speedy Eats will serve hot entrees, cold drinks and several side items.

Speedy Eats is the brain child of Speed Bancroft of Baton Rouge. He uses AI technology to to predict traffic patterns in areas where he places these stores. He says you will find very quick service. It should only take about 30 seconds to grab a meal at one of these spots.


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Speedy Eats is described as an “unmanned outdoor drive-thru store” and it will be opening in early May or June around Baton Rouge. But the company has plans to expand in other areas around the state and eventually in many other regions.

Speedy Eats already operates more than 20 automated fridge units around Baton Rouge.


How Big Is a Speedy Eats Store?

It's about the size of one of those POD containers you would put on your property to store things. Operators would keep the store stocked and get a piece of the profits. Speedy Eats also charges a software subscription fee. But that software essentially runs the store. No employees are needed.

This automated operation keeps track of inventory and sales and the operator will know what items are top sellers and what items are not moving.

Speedy Eats is also venturing into the future in a big way. The system is set up to be used for delivery services. You can order items and the goods would be delivered by automated ground vehicles, or AGVs, which can deliver your choices right to your home.

Speedy Eats Facebook
Speedy Eats Facebook

Those AGV's are housed in the store where they can be recharged. These will be used for places like gated communities, college campuses and small compact neighborhoods.

Speedy Eats is just beginning a massive marketing campaign to get more of these stores up an going in the region. They are targeting locations in Louisiana and in Jackson, Mississippi and Houston, Texas.

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