Attorney General Eric Holder has disregarded the Florida jury's not guilty verdict and the FBI's investigation in the George Zimmerman trial.

Holder has launched his own investigation because of the demand of Rev. Al Sharpton which Fox News calls, "deeply unjust and unwarranted." The trial had hardly ended Saturday when Holder made it known that the Department of Justice will carry out a criminal civil rights investigation.

During the Zimmerman trial the prosecution’s own witnesses said that Zimmerman did not act out of racial bias and the FBI's findings were the same.

According to Fox News, "Holder has no legal grounds on which to stand. The federal government’s limited constitutional powers do not extend to commonplace murders, whose prosecution is the job of the states. Holder’s decision is the most recent example of his practice of abusing prosecutorial discretion, misinterpreting the law, and deploying criminal justice for political ends."

Attorney General Holder is the only sitting Cabinet member to be cited for contempt of Congress when he lied under oath when he was questioned during a hearing concerning the IRS scandals.