George Zimmerman, who was recently found not guilty of murder of Trayvon Martin was stopped near Dallas, Texas a few days ago for speeding.

Information has surfaced that the cop who pulled Zimmerman over took a picture of his drivers license during the stop before letting him go with a warning on US Route 80.

The officer is being questioned about it even though Texas authorities say the policeman is not under investigation.

The officer didn't even know who he had stopped till Zimmerman told the officer that he was carrying a legal firearm in his glove compartment. The officer asked Zimmerman where he was going and he replied “nowhere in particular.” Then the officer wanted to know why he answered the question that way and Zimmerman asked, “You didn’t see my name?” The officer said, “Nuh-huh…what a coincidence.”

When you have as many threats on your life as Zimmerman and his family have, it's a good idea to carry a gun with you for protection.

Via [WIBX]

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