The U.S. PRIG Education Fund has released their 2018 guide for school supplies - and their findings are startling.  The consumer watchdog group carefully checks the contents of each product with thorough testing.  This testing has yielded some frightening results.

The group is now recommending that Dollar Tree stores to recall their Playskool brand crayons.  Their rigorous testing has revealed that the crayons contain asbestos.  The list contains several warnings for parents filling school supply lists including the above mentioned crayons, the Jot one inch three-ring binders also sold at Dollar Tree, and Expo scented ink dry erase markers due to the toxic chemicals each one contains.

The report does point out that the dangerous substances are not banned by the U.S. government, but could still pose a health risk to students using the supplies that contain the toxic chemicals.

If you are still shopping for schools supplies, you'll definitely want to check out the entire list here before you buy.

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