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Over the last several years, it's become quite popular to keep chickens for their eggs, but are you allowed to have a rooster if you live within Shreveport city limits? The reason why I ask is that the question came up on the Shreveport Reddit page recently.

Apparently, someone in the Broadmoor neighborhood has a rooster that's keeping their neighbors up, hence, the following post.

I have several friends who keep hens inside of Shreveport city limits, so I decided to do some research on whether or not keeping a rooster within city limits was legal as well and this is what I found via

BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Shreveport, in due, legal
and regular session convened that Article V of Chapter 14 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of
Shreveport is hereby enacted to read as follows:
Article V. Domesticated Chickens.
Section 14-60. Domesticated chickens.
(a) No person shall keep chickens or other domestic fowl in any district zoned as a
one family residence district except in accordance with this Article.
(b) Only female chickens (hereinafter "hens") are allowed. Up to six (6) hens per lot are
allowed. There is no restriction on domestic chicken breeds. However, fowl and poultry
other than chickens are not allowed.
(c) Noncommercial use only. Hens shall be kept for personal use only; no person
shall sell eggs or engage in chicken breeding or fertilizer production for commercial
purposes. The slaughtering of chickens is prohibited.
(d) Fenced enclosures and henhouses.
(1) Hens must be kept in a fenced enclosure at all times. The fenced enclosure must
be either: (i) covered, or (ii) at least forty-two (42) inches high, in which case, all hens
must be wing-clipped to prevent escape. Hens shall be secured within the henhouse
during non-daylight hours.
(2) In addition to the fenced enclosure, hens shall be provided with a covered,
predator-resistant henhouse.

So, you can have up to six hens if you live within Shreveport city limits but no rooster. However, you're going to need an annual permit and a building permit for your chicken coop. And for curiosity's sake, I decided to see if you were allowed to have poultry in Bossier City and the answer to that is a resounding 'no.' I sure am glad I live outside of city limits because when I had chickens I always had amazing free-range eggs. 😉

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