Caddo Schools Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree responds to parents stories of teachers giving vaccine advice to school children across Shreveport and the Parish.

At the most recent Caddo School Board meeting, a number of parents spoke up about their children being told by teachers that they (children) need to be vaccinated. The Superintendent was at the meeting and responded KEEL:

"It is not a teacher's job and it is certainly not the job of the school district," Goree says, "While we will certainly do positive promotion...encouraging that, but it is not the job of the teachers to speak to students about it. That is something that we will discourage from happening."

"There were several comments about us...almost forcing students and families to take the vaccine. We certainly do believe this to be a family choice and we hope families do make the choice to get the vaccine and we will work with local health provide these opportunities to students."

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"Please understand," he says, " At the end of the day our goal has been very consistent to do whatever we can so that our children are not at home - virtual, but are in school and they have an opportunity to build a relationship with their teacher and to learn in person.

"I know that there are a lot of emotions flying around this issue, but if you give us credit for nothing, give us credit for only wanting the babies to be in school."

When asked if he had given explicit directions to Caddo teachers to not discuss vaccinations with children, Goree responded, "No, but I plan to."

Here's what Dr. Goree told KEEL on the matter:

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