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State Rep. Raymond Crews talks about mandatory quarantines for school kids exposed to COVID and whether those restrictions are necessary.

Under current mandates, any student exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID 19 is required to quarantine for 14 days.

Rep. Crews begins by referring to a recent House committee meeting where five parish school superintendents offered alternative ideas to the mandated quarantine. "In one school district in this sate," Crews says, "Two thousand, six hundred and one students were quarantined. Out of that number...there were sixty three positives. Look at all those students who were sent home, largely unable to participate in class and basically mortgaged their future so that a few - the elderly, infirm, obese - can be protected. I think mortgaging their future like that is a very scary proposition."

But Crews admits that changing the status quo, when it comes to COVID 19 policy, is a long shot. "I sure hope there's some (chance)," Crews continues, "But I can see how people would be reticent to think that anything good could come out of that. Look at the statistics. Kids in a 99.998% chance of being just fine from Coronavirus and keeping them from being educated on that just ridiculous. What we really need to do is protect the most vulnerable and let these kids get an education."


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