Local Arby's President Joe Pulliam has presented a $2,500 check to Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington.  

The donation is to support the Sheriff's Office Corrections EmergencyResponse Team (CERT.)  The sheriff's office says it will help provide additional uniforms, supplies, and equipment for the emergency response team.

Pulliam's son, Chris, is a member of BSO CERT, which is made up of 16 operators who volunteer to train at least once a week.  They serve full-time positions on the shifts at the Bossier Correctional Facilities as the resident-expert special operations team that responds if an emergency or crisis situation happens in the jail.

Pulliam and six others on the team recently competed in their first Mock Prison Riot training and competition in West Virginia, where they placed 10th overall in a competition that had 1,100 participants with teams from 32 states and 13 countries.