Anthony Weiner is in some hot water again, some may call it political "danger."

The former congressman and current mayoral candidate in New York City confessed yesterday to more indiscretions.

Turns out, a year after his Twitter you-know-what pic fiasco, he decided to repeat his endeavors, but only a few changes: a different website, a different woman, and a different name.

His alter ego?  Carlos Danger.

Weiner, acting as Mr. Danger, took pictures, put them on a website and emailed them through a Yahoo account.

Standing beside his wife, Huma Abedin, he acknowledged this latest round, but tells everyone he will not step aside in the mayoral race.

Meanwhile, his alter ego's name, Carlos Danger, has been a source of comedy on its own.  And now everyone can get a name just like it!  Slate has created a Carlos Danger Name Generator so you can get a totally awesome name just like him!

From now on, my online contributions will be under the name "Gustavo Adventure", seeing as every time I go online is quite the... adventure.

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