Over 21 emergency units were on the scene of a fire in an abandoned building in Highland Thursday afternoon. The video posted on Facebook was taken from a private residence across the street.

No word yet on what caused the fire. The building was once a small lawn and garden store on the corner of Gilbert and Rutherford, but it has been left abandoned for years. The former parking lot to the store is used as a bus stop and crosswalk for school children.

Some of the comments about the fire on social media seem to lean toward suspicion. Before the fire was even under control people were already crying "arson".

Still rattled, obviously from the news that the fire at the Don's Seafood building was ruled to be an arson. Some comments were even trying to connect the two fires saying it may be the same arsonist.

The huge fire is currently under investigation. And hopefully The public will have some real answers soon.

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