After a day of violence at Southwood High School, another day, brings another fight. 5 Deputies were called to the school around 10am Friday (9/17/21). 14 students were arrested and a staff member assaulted in the fights only one day before this brawl took place.

The fight was allegedly between a group of females. A spokesperson with the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office said the female students are 17 years of age or younger. All are being charged with disturbing the peace. No one was seriously injured.

Nine deputies were called to the school Thursday (9/16/21) to break up a huge fight that took place on campus. Deputies were able to break up the student fight, but not before the assistant principal of Southwood got assaulted.

18-year-old Devin Welch was one of the 14 arrested on Thursday. Welch was pepper sprayed and hand-cuffed after he resisted arrest and made threatening statements to the school resource officer and one of the school’s staff members. He will be charged with resisting an officer and interference with the operation of a school.

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