It has been an extremely rough year for local MMA fighter Andrea Lee. As her UFC star was taking off, her personal life took center stage and halted her progress. A series of less than flattering headlines and canceled fights ultimately ended in a tragic domestic violence situation. No need to recant the details of that here, you can Google her name and find out more than any of us needed to know.

But, now that the whirlwind of her personal life has died down, Lee was able to step back into the octagon Sunday night and do what she does best: WIN. While her performance didn't quite match her previous "Fight of the Night" winning outing, she certainly did show why she is one of the top Flyweight fighters in the world.

In her bout with Ashlee Evans-Smith, Lee just always seemed to be one step ahead. If Smith threw a kick, Lee was throwing back a hard counter. When Smith was able to score a takedown, Lee was able to pop back up to her feet and continue the assault.

Her preparation and hard work earned her a 30-27 unanimous victory. Now where does she go from here? Lee is considered a top contender, winning 6 consecutive bouts, and with her personal issues now behind her she may finally be able to reach her full potential and earn a well deserved title shot.

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