With health care costs rising and the U.S. facing one of the worst health crises in decades with the COVID-19 pandemic, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2021's Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cities in America.

To identify the places where health is a priority, personal finance website, WalletHub compared nearly 200 of America's cities, looking at 44 key metrics. The data ranges from the cost of a medical visit to diet (healthy and unhealthy) to COVID-19 cases.

And how does our own city of Shreveport rank among the 182 cities listed? Well, the news isn't good. Shreveport comes in a disappointing 179, outdoing only three other American municipalities.

So, why? Well, here are the WalletHub categories and numbers.

Health in Shreveport (1=Healthiest; 91=Avg.):

  • 66th – Cost of Medical Visit
  • 140th – Mental-Health Counselors per Capita
  • 151st – Healthy Restaurants per Capita
  • 101st – Dietitians & Nutritionists per Capita
  • 133rd – Avg. Cost of Fitness-Club Membership
  • 166th – Share of Physically Active Adults
  • 169th – Running Trails per Capita
  • 123rd – Avg. COVID-19 Cases in the Past Week per Capita

And if one takes the WalletHub metrics as gospel, what are the healthiest and least healthy spots across the USA?

Healthiest Places in America to Live:

1) San Francisco, CA

2) Seattle, WA

3) Portland, OR

4) San Diego, CA

5) Honolulu, HI

Unhealthiest Places in America to Live:

178) Memphis, TN

179) Shreveport, LA

180) Gulfport, MS

181) Laredo, TX

182) Brownsville, TX

To see the entire WalletHub survey, listing 2021's Healthies and Unhealthiest Cities in America, JUST CLICK HERE!

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