Political writer and analyst Royal Alexander talks about his recent article, where he writes about America's unrest and the coming backlash at the voting booth by average Americans.

Alexander talks about a recent article he wrote for thehayride.com, in which he writes the current state of the country and what he terms, "the coming storm."

"The storm I am referring to," he says, "Is the great, silent majority of humble, faithful Americans who, on the one hand, can acknowledge that excessive use of force by police - police brutality - those things are wrong. But they can also acknowledge that in the last decades we have made great strides in racial equality. We have hundreds of state and federal laws that prohibit racial discrimination. On the one hand, we can admit we have problems, but also acknowledge that the large majority of Americans think law enforcement people are good, hard working who just want to make it home safely."

Alexander emphasizes that point in his Hayride article:

"We are not allowed to feel sickened and repulsed at the death of George Floyd—if we don’t also declare that America is hopelessly racist and broken with no redeeming value. 

While we are expected to, and do, acknowledge America’s racial flaws and racial history—we’re not allowed to also acknowledge that America has made enormous gains in racial equality over the last decades."

Alexander also says he expects a backlash against this view at the ballot box in November. "There is a storm coming," he says, But it’s not the one the often-dishonest national media portray.  It’s the silent majority of millions of Americans who quietly and proudly have their love of country and faith in God...for which they are mocked when they kneel in prayer and mocked while kneeling during the National Anthem."


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