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CADDO PARISH, LA-   The jury duty scam has resurfaced, and people are advised to stay alert.

Of course it's the time of the year when you have to be even more vigilant than usual.  Many people are so focused on the "busy time of the season" that they might let their guard down, and thieves and scammers know it.

Many individuals have reported that they are receiving phone calls threatening them with arrest for not complying with jury service. These callers ask the recipients to buy money cards, wire funds, or meet them in person with cash at the Caddo Parish Clerk of Court to avoid being sent to jail.
Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator said citizens will not receive jury notices over the phone. They should beware if they receive such a call or if the caller makes threats. Most importantly, you will never be asked to purchase a money card or provide personal information over the phone.
Also, never call a number provided by the scammer. Look up legitimate phone numbers for government offices if you have questions.  If you feel you have been a victim of a phone scam,  you can contact the Caddo Parish Sheriff's office at (318) 675-2170

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