When it comes to music, one of the most iconic brands on the planet is Fender. And, when it comes to Shreveport, one of its most important exports is music. For years, Fender guitars and Shreveport have one major connection in the form of all time great James Burton. Burton, a Shreveport native, was one of the first major artists to play a Fender Telecaster...influencing the likes of Keith Richards and Brad Paisley to pick up that particular guitar.

Now, Shreveport and Fender have another connection in the form of the lovely AJ Haynes. For those that don't know, AJ is the frontwoman for the Shreveport based band the Seratones. The Seratones are one of the hottest independent rock bands on the planet at the moment and their sophomore album is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. I'm not just saying this because I'm secretly in love with AJ or that Seratones guitarist Travis Stewart is a friend of mine...it is actual fact that can be verified through a number of sources including Rolling Stone Magazine and Pitchfork.

With all that out the way, AJ Haynes is one of the artists selected for Fender's new ad series celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Jazzmaster guitar. Which is a BIG damn deal. When people think Fender, they think of some of the biggest names in music.


In fact, if you look at Fender's latest uploaded videos, you see AJ's name alongside names like Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and countless other superstars.

On the surface, it sounds crazy that AJ and the Seratones, a band who not too long ago won the first ever Louisiana Music Prize in downtown Shreveport, is getting huge amounts of national attention. But, when you think about it, this is just how Shreveport rolls. Musical talent is our greatest resource. From James Burton to Lead Belly to Kenny Wayne Shepherd, music is just what we do.

And it is awesome to see some Good Brothers (and sister) like the Seratones getting big time love from everywhere. If you don't know the Seratones, buy their debut album and go see them live. They are AMAZING!

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