Pat Forbes of restore Louisiana talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about the approaching deadline for victims of the 2016 flooding to apply for government aid or reimbursement.

Forbes tells KEEL listeners that  Restore Louisiana is "the program that the governor set up in response to the floods of March of 2016 and we have $1.7 billion from the federal government to spend for that recovery and the Restore task force guides the recovery through their decisions."

Forbes underlines the fact that $1.7 billion is a great deal of money and "we know there are about 20,000 families in Louisiana who could be eligible for assistance through this homeowner repair program" which includes not only money for repair, but reimbursement for work already done. Forbes also says that that the deadline for filing claims is Friday, July 20. He urges anyone whose dwelling suffered damage in the 2016 flood to find out if they are eligible for payment by filling out "a simple, five minute questionnaire." To visit the Restore Louisiana website, get more information and take the flood damage survey, JUST CLICK HERE!

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