Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry explains his recent opinion that Governor John Bel Edwards recent Coronavirus-related mandates are unconstitutional. He also talks about the letter he sent to the Governor reiterating his original position.

In his two and a half page letter to Edwards dated earlier this week, Landry also accused the Governor of catering to protesters with a lack of enforcement, while putting the burden of mandate enforcement on struggling businesses.

Landry wrote: "We have all been educated; this is no longer a complete unknown. We know who is vulnerable. I think all citizens should take every measure possible to protect their own health, safety, and lives. I also believe we should give them every opportunity to do so. We should not turn neighbor against neighbor. We should not attempt to turn our job creators into state-run police. And we should be thoughtful and responsible to all, equally. You have not done so under these recent actions."

"It's not what I think he's done,it's what he has done" says the Attorney General, referring to Edwards' reasoning behind the mandates, "I'm not taking a side against the Governor. The Governor is taking the side against the law and the Constitution. We were asked by a number of representatives to give a legal opinion on the executive order that he issued. He basically turned the enforcement mechanism of the order over to business owners."

"We know what we're dealing with now," Landry emphasizes, "We know the vulnerable populations. This virus is not going away tomorrow. we have to figure out how to conduct our lives inside of this pandemic. We can't stay in crisis mode all of the time."



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