A massive accident involving more than 130 vehicles caused I-35 in Forth Worth to shut down Thursday morning about 6:30. According to dfw.cbslocal.com, 6 were killed in the multi-car mishap. 36 more were transported to area hospitals and 65 sought medical attention from the crash.

Dallasnews.com reported that the multiple wrecks, that occurred at the beginning of the Thursday morning rush hour because of ice on the interstate, spanned more that half a mile on the busy highway.

A total of more than a hundred ambulances, fire department vehicles and police cruisers were on the scene.

Dallas' fox4.com said that the first collision appeared to have taken place about 6:15am as motorists entered I-35 west, seemingly unaware that a lengthy stretch of the highway was covered with a thin sheet of ice from a light, overnight rainfall.

The station also reported that a number of cell phone videos show cars and trucks speeding down the highway, then, unable to stop, sliding and crashing into each other. A great deal of he damage was caused by 18-wheelers, also unable to stop in time, that collided with vehicles on the already blocked interstate.

Aerial Photos of Thursday's Fort Worth Multi-Vehicle Mishap


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