2018 is going to be a pivotal year for elections across the country. Nationally we have the Mid-term elections, and locally in Shreveport, we have a mayoral contest. But as always, things are changing with the elections.

It's not that the rules of the elections are changing, but the people are changing.

Not like "changing into lizard people" or anything like that, the demographics are shifting. As it's been pointed out multiple times this year, for the first time ever Millennials will be the largest block of eligible voters...

That goes for the national elections, AND here in Shreveport.

So what do millennials want, what are millennials looking for, how do the Shreveport mayoral candidates speak to the millennial voters?

All of these questions will likely be answered when The New Leaders Council: Louisiana Chapter and Heliopolis Magazine host the first ever Mayoral Candidate Forum for Young Voters in Shreveport. The event will be held on Friday, June 15th at 5:30pm at The Agora Borealis on Lake Street in Shreveport.

The goal of the event, as described by their Facebook posting, is:

"This event gives you the opportunity to hear the platform of candidates running for mayor of Shreveport and have them hear your issues and concerns in an intimate setting."

The event is open, and admission is free.

Attendees will be able to speak to, and hear from, at least four Shreveport Mayoral Candidates who are confirmed, with invitations extended to others. At this point, not all Candidates are expected to attend, but more than half of the field is confirmed.

Organizer Chris Lyon from Heliopolis says:

"As Shreveport suffers the challenges of stagnant economic growth and fiscal insolvency at the hands of a sprawling city with dwindling population, citizens are faced with the most important mayoral election in recent memory. In 2018, Millennials are expected to be the largest bloc of voters in the country and Heliopolis is excited to work with New Leaders Council Louisiana chapter to set the stage for the Shreveport mayoral race."

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