The state of Louisiana has hosted so many gigantic sporting events. Super Bowls, Wrestlemania, NCAA Final Fours, major college football bowl games, and lots of other incredible spectacles.

This includes car racing. With racetracks dotting the landscape of Louisiana over the decades. Including the Ark-La-Tex Speedway in Vivian, the Baton Rouge Raceway in Baker, the Boothill Speeday in Greenwood, and many more.

There's also the classic Louisiana State Fair Speedway in Shreveport. Though the speedway has been gone for a long time, it's one of the most legendary parts of Louisiana racing history.

In the stock car racing world, NASCAR is the biggest name. The NASCAR series is one of America's most popular sports brands with fans. For decades fans have been sporting car numbers and sponsor logos of their favorite drivers from coast to coast.

Looking across the whole state, we wanted to find a list of all points where NASCAR and Louisiana intersected. Because right now, Louisiana doesn't currently host any NASCAR races. So how long has it been since the last one? Well, lets look at the list:

#1 -  Louisiana State Fair Speedway - Shreveport -June 7th, 1953

Canva/Ernie Roberson/
Canva/Ernie Roberson/

The State Fair Speedway stood exactly where it sounds like it did, on the Louisiana State Fairgrounds in Shreveport. Right next to where the Hirsch Coliseum sits, and where the shell of the old Fair Grounds Field baseball stadium sits.

In June of 1953, Shreveport hosted their first NASCAR race. During that race, NASCAR Hall of Fame member, and one of NASCAR's 75 Greatest Drivers, Lee Petty, took home the win. That day, Petty's #42 led for only 1 lap, but that lap was the winning one for his Dodge.

After those 200 laps in June of 1953, Shreveport never saw another NASCAR race. Although the Speedway would continue to see racing until 1969.


That's it...that's the list. The only NASCAR race in Louisiana history was in Shreveport.

We really thought we were going to have a list of 10-15 races from Baton Rouge or New Orleans, but there have never been any NASCAR races in either area. Leaving Shreveport as the only city in Louisiana that has ever hosted a NASCAR race.

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