A fourth grader at a Baton Rouge elementary school been suspended after refusing to wear a mask inside his classroom.

Classes at the the capitol city's LSU Lab School - located on the LSU campus - resumed this week after holiday break with a warning to students that masks would be required in classrooms going forward.

But one nine-year-old said no.

In a report by WLBT-TV, "Kyle Robichaux and his wife were notified by LSU’s Lab School they needed to pick up their child because he’s been suspended for not wearing a COVID mask in class."

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Robichaux told WLBT that he stands 100% behind his son’s decision. Robichaux explained that he thinks it's “buffoonish” for students to be required to wear masks in the classroom while thousands are allowed to gather inside the nearby Pete Maravich Assembly Center for basketball games where no masks are required.

LSU men's basketball squad played Kentucky at the on-campus arena Tuesday night in front of about 12,000, nearly all of whom were unmasked.

LSU v Missouri
LSU Mens Basketball (Getty Images)

Robichaux further voiced his objections to WLBT, “I have some concerns that education is not their priority but controlling our children is and I think that’s a big problem. I think it’s ridiculous. You know, we can have thousands of people at the PMAC...unmasked, largely unmasked. And then our kids, you know 25 kids in a room, have to wear a mask to get an education.”

An email from school Director Kevin George said the fourth grader was being suspended for three days for violating the mask policy. George also emphasized to the parents that parents were previously advised that students could not remain on campus if they refused to obey the mask mandate directive.

WLBT quotes the email as saying, “A student refusing to follow our mask mandate is a safety concern and would disrupt our campus,”

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