Louisiana residents don't perform too good on many health studies. In fact, a report from the state of childhood obesity says nearly 36% of everyone in our state is considered obese. In Mississippi, more than 40% of residents are considered obese.

Have you looked for ways to battle obesity? The Mayo Clinic says one of the big problems is so many people struggle with a negative body image. The report says this could trigger overeating.

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This report says you can try some strategies to be more accepting of yourself.

1. You are more than your body

Use a journal to write down a list of your best features and add to it each day. You can also include some words of affirmation or encouragement.

2. Make a list of people you admire

This might include your parents, spiritual leaders or political leaders. Write down the characteristics you admire in them.

3. Exercise regularly

This is a no-brainer. We all know you should get up an move every day. It helps boost your self esteem. Women who work out regularly rate their bodies as healthier than women who don't do much exercise.

4. Appreciate the body you have

Don't stress out over your body. But do work on making small changes to the things you put in your body and be sure to get a good nights sleep each night.

5. Focus on your health instead of thinking only about your appearance

Try to set some small goals that are within reach to make little changes each day.

6. Surround yourself with friends who don't focus on body size or appearance

Your are much more likely to be successful if you have people around you who work with you and encourage you.

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