While Shreveport awaits further details on Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's plans for festivals and filming in the city, the media mogul took a trip to the US Capitol.

This week, 50 Cent was in Washington DC to meet with lawmakers to lobby for changes to the United States liquor industry. The event became one of the biggest bipartisan photo ops in recent memory. While its hard to get members of congress to agree on anything, taking pictures with 50 Cent was something both Republicans and Democrats could agree on.

While taking photos with former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, didn't turn many heads online, 50 Cent posing with House Majority Leader, Louisiana's Steve Scalise did solicit some negative reactions online from 50 Cent's fans. But that wasn't the photo with a Republican lawmaker that made the most noise online.

Photos of 50 Cent posing with embattled Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert spawned numerous harsh reactions, news stories...and punchlines online.

The photo with Boebert wasn't the only interaction that caught the public's attention. The pair exchanged some comments online that have been labeled as "flirtatious" by publications. With 50 Cent posting 'Lauren Boebert, Colorado Republican making the white house look good,' and Boebert responding with 'I’d still love you if you flipped burgers at Burger King. I used to do that myself! Thanks for the photo, great to meet you!'

Fans of 50 Cent posted disapproving comments on the photo of the pair, with some fans asking the rapper to take the photo down.

Boebert wasn't the only Republican that 50 Cent took a photo with that caused a stir online. He meet with Speaker of the House, Bossier City's Mike Johnson, who he referred to as his "fellow Shreveport friend". While the comments on the post used words like "traitor", "war criminal", and "vomit".

No matter what the comments section says, its pretty impressive to see 50 Cent inside the walls of Congress. If you would have told a fan listening to Get Rich or Die Tryin' in the summer of 2003 that 50 Cent would go on to have top 3 singles with songs like "P.I.M.P." and "Candy Shop" AND THEN visit with the leaders of the American government for positive photo ops, there's no way they'd believe you. Yet, here we are.

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