This has got to be one of the biggest drug busts ever.

A yacht is seized in Vanuatu. It had a secret compartment under the parquet floor hiding brick after brick of South American cocaine. U.S. and Australian officials have teamed up with South Pacific governments to investigate smugglers' use of yachts to move drugs across the ocean to Australia. 1,650 pounds of cocaine were found onboard the high dollar boat. Agents chiseled into the boat interior to expose the drugs in the yacht's engine compartment. Video authorities released of the seizure showed dozens of bricks wrapped in dirty black plastic. The drugs are worth $330 million US dollars. No arrests have yet been made. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Senior Attache David Cali said the investigation was ongoing, and he praised the joint operation in this statement: "Organized crime syndicates should know that we are prepared, willing and able to combine our skills, resources and efforts to target them".