High school seniors have wrapped up the school year. Local teachers and administrators say goodbye to another class of students. Here's the graduation schedule for 2016:

North CaddoTuesday May 10 7:30 p.m.North Caddo Stadium
Green OaksWednesday, May 115:00 p.m.Convention Center
SouthwoodWednesday, May 11 7:30 p.m.Convention Center
Fair ParkThursday, May 125:00 p.m. Convention Center
CalvaryThursday May 12
NorthwoodThursday, May 12 7:30 p.mConvention Center
WoodlawnFriday, May 135:00 p.m.Convention Center
Plain DealingFriday, May 136:00 p.m.Plain Dealing HS
LoyolaFriday, May 136:30 p.m.Riverview Hall
Captain ShreveFriday, May 137:30 p.m.Convention Center
Caddo MagnetSaturday, May 14 9:00 a.mConvention Center
AirlineSaturday, May 149:30 a.mCenturyLink
BentonSaturday, May 1411:30 a.mCenturyLink
HuntingtonSaturday, May 14 12:00 p.m.Convention Center
BossierSaturday, May 141:00 p.m.CenturyLink
HaughtonSaturday, May 142:30 p.m.CenturyLink
B.T. WashingtonSaturday, May 14 3:00 p.m.Convention Center
ParkwaySaturday, May 144:30 p.m.CenturyLink
C.E Byrd Saturday, May 146:00 p.m.Convention Center
EvangelSunday, May 154:00 p.m.Shreveport Community Church