The toilet paper shortage has eased up a bit, but we are still facing a coin shortage across the nation. It's so bad that some retailers, including Walmart, Kroger, CVS and others are no longer giving coins as change. They are rounding up your total if you pay with cash.

Some smaller businesses are no longer taking cash at all. Why are we facing a coin shortage? Well the U.S. mint reduced the production of coins to protect employees from the coronavirus. And fewer people are turning in coins to banks. Many are keeping them at home.

Another problem has to do with some businesses that have closed which also slows down the movement of cash in our communities.

And then on June 15th, the Federal Reserve put a cap on the amount of coins that could be delivered to banks.

So, this whole mess got me to thinking about a silly idea. Why don't we use some of the beautiful water fountains in the world to cool off during this hot summer and collect all the coins while we take a dip? I'm not really advocating this, but thought this was a fun idea.

Famous Fountains Where We Can Find Coins

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