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Will Louisiana Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
Given the increasing frequency of zombies in movies, television and other media, it’s quite obvious that the zombie apocalypse will soon here. But who knew that when it comes to surviving this showdown with the undead, location - like real estate - is everything.
Some states, it would…
The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In the USA
Although crime statistics change annually within each city, certain cities always rank high when it comes to how dangerous it is to live there. With the release of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual report on crime, there are a couple of new spots on the list.
Mardi Gras Tips from City of Shreveport
Shreveport has sent out a list of guidelines for the big parades this year. The Clyde Fant Parkway will close at about 7 tonight until 7 in the morning.
You are not allowed to stake off or reserve any public areas along the parade route until after 7am on Saturday...

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