Looking for an emu?  The owner of an emu named Big Bird in East Texas wants to find him a new home.

Teresa Moss has owned 'Big Bird' for three years after Troup, TX, police corralled him and asked her to hold him.  Moss offered to house the emu until the owner was found.  However, no owner was ever found.

"I didn't know if it was male or female, so I just called it Big Bird and it comes to me."

So, Moss kept Big Bird on her property with some of her other animals.  At first, the emu was kept in the backyard, but after pecking the back door of her house, he got moved to her field.


"One day, it'd come up, and start pecking my french doors," explained Moss.  "So, I chased it with a broom and it didn't have any problem at all running across my backyard.  So I figured, 'okay, it's time for you to go out to the field.'"

Moss says Big Bird is a nice emu, looks over your shoulder to see what you are doing and follows the more interesting kid around the yard.

"It follows me around when I'm out there, looks over my shoulders whenever I'm trying to do something out there," Moss shared.  "I have grandkids seven down to two.  Big Bird will follow the two-year-old around out in the pasture, seeing what she is doing and when she stops to look at a flower or something, the bird will stop at look at it with her."

However, the emu's owner needs to get rid of the bird and preferably to someone who already owns one.

"It hasn't ever laid an egg in two years, so it must be a guy.  So, yeah, it'd like some girly chicks probably," Moss noted.

How many people want Big Bird?  Moss tells 710 KEEL she's gotten over 20 responses in the first 24 hours of the listing being posted.

If you want an emu, check out the listing on Craigslist.