There seem to be more and more all across the city lately. We're talking about what some folks call a moving drive-by shooting. Others talk about another rolling shootout. By whatever name, the violence that plagues our city seems to be growing and spreading to all parts of our city.

Look at what we've seen in just the past few weeks. A rolling shootout between two vehicles, going down Line Avenue at afternoon rush hour. Shots exchanged at the corner of East 70th and Fern, a highly upscale commercial area. And then there's this from Facebook this weekend:

"I didn’t hear gunshots tonight...I saw them. Waiting at the light at the bottom of the 70th street exit off of 49. Truck pulls up and starts shooting into a car. 50 feet from me. Didn’t realize it would rattle me that bad. Didn’t even make the 9-1-1 page."

That's right. A man stopped at an intersection finds himself witness to gunfire exchange between two vehicles. And if that were you, what would you do? Do you look to escape? But what if your car is blocked by stationary traffic? Hit the floor? Jump into the backseat? What's your best - and safest - option? Well, here's what KEEL listeners had to say. First, a pretty sensible idea.

"Create distance if you can. If not get low. The engine block is your best buffer."

And then, a bit of insight into how much protection your vehicle really offers:

"Most modern car doors won't even stop a .22 caliber bullet. Modern car glass is meant to shatter with a precise pressure point. Unless your cruising around in a steel plated land yacht from the 70s or earlier, you're in trouble."

"Protection from bullets in vehicle is engine block and door post. That’s why people low ride with head next to door post."

Then, a pretty good bit of advice to always remember:

"Always leave room to turn around."

And finally, probably not the best suggestion here...unless your last name is Rambo:

"Ram the car in front of you causing then to drop their gun then use your gun to neutralize the situation."


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