It's Official, Those Who Attended a Concert This Weekend are Performing Better at Work Today.

A new study found listening to songs that you love or make you tap your feet is great for your brain. The new study out of Japan focused on our brain activity when we listen to music. Music that's got a "groove" positively affects our prefrontal cortex.

What Does Our Prefrontal Cortex Do?

According to "This brain region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behavior." Basically, it's the part of our brain that helps with planning, self-control, short-term memory, and abstract thinking.

Keep in mind this boost in your performance is set off by toe-tapping music or a song you already know and love. It doesn't work well with songs you've never heard before.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

So If You Were Enjoying Live Music at Mudbug Madness This Weekend You're Probably Performing Better Than Those Who Skipped the Live Music.

I went to watch Ole Whiskey Revival at Mudbug Madness who covered some of my favorite songs and sang one of their originals that I love. Keep in mind I was listening to this music all while eating hot crawfish and washing it all down with some Shinerbock beer.

This Boost In My Performance at Work Today Brought to You By Mudbug Madness.

I love live music and had no idea how great it was for my mental health, thank you to this new study for justifying my crazy concert ticket purchases.

Mandela Effect Examples

Simply Psychology defines Mandela Effect as an idea that follows these general rules:

The three prominent features of the Mandela Effect can include:
  1. Recalling entire events that simply did not happen.
  2. Having warped memories where some aspects are partly or wholly false.
  3. Several unrelated people share almost identical contorted or inaccurate memories.

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