Mudbug Madness recently wrapped the 37th edition of the popular festival celebrating Louisiana food, culture and music.  Congratulations to Terri Mathews and her staff and volunteers on one of the most successful years for Mudbug Madness.

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Photo Courtesy of Mudbug Madness via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Mudbug Madness via Facebook

One of the highlights of the weekend, (for me) is the Media Crawfish Eating Contest.  They call it the "Celebrity Crawfish Eating Contest", but I think that's stretching the use of the term celebrity just a bit!  One reason I love the MEDIA Crawfish Eating Contest is three pounds of free crawfish!  What crawfish lover wouldn't love that?  One year I remember thinking, "I'm just going to take my time and enjoy my free crawfish."  But I've never been able to do that.  I'm too competitive!  And end up going after it gangbusters.

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Another thing that amazes me is the fact that people are amazed at how I eat crawfish.  For years I've heard people complain, "It's too much work for not enough reward."  I say to that... "Then you're doing it wrong!"  Let me help you enjoy these Louisiana delights the right way.

Correctly eating crawfish is as easy as two steps. First, grab the bug with two hands, one on the top half, the other on the tail.  Then pull it apart, separating the tail from the body... then pull the meat from the tail with your teeth, while pinching it out from the bottom of the tail.  It sounds like more than two steps, but it really isn't. Bam... Bam.... Even though Mudbug Madness is over for this year, there is still plenty of time left in this crawfish season.  And prices are dropping.... Go practice!

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