I am getting very excited. The Shreveport Farmers Market opens back up for the season this Saturday. The market runs from June 4th-August 27th.

What You Will Find at the Farmer's Market?

Of course the big draw is the home grown produce. You will find fruits and veggies grown right here in our region. You will also find lots of homemade products including crafts, jams, jellies baked goods, sweets and much more. The Farmer's Market also has hot and prepared foods from several food truck operations in our area. You will also find meat and dairy products along with fresh seafood.

They are still looking for vendors. If you want to be a part of the Farmers Market, click here.


What Is the Mission of the Market?

"The mission of Shreveport Farmers Market is to encourage a strong local food system; increase sustainability of independent local farmers, ranchers, and food producers; and foster stewardship of land and community through public markets."

All of the farmers come from with 100 miles of the Shreveport Bossier area with only a few exceptions.

What Are Our Top 5 Products We Get at the Farmers Market

Fudge is one of my favorite treats to pick up at the market. My only problem is which flavor to buy. I usually snap up the peanut butter treat.

Shreveport Farmers Market
Shreveport Farmers Market

Honey from Hummer and Sons is one of the items I always have to have around the house. I use this honey for so many things.


Fresh Shrimp is also another item I will snap up while at the market. I'm also gonna pick up some fresh meat and butter. I'm also gonna scope out some fresh eggs.



From the fruit vendors, I will load up the car with strawberries, black berries, a watermelon and some fresh tomatoes. But my favorite locally grown fruit is the fig. I can not wait until figs are in season.

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Bread is another top priority for me. But often the vendors run out early in the morning. I always like to pick up banana bread. But I will probably grab pound cake too.

Shreveport Farmers Maket
Shreveport Farmers Market

The Market hours are from 7:30-12:30 each Saturday.



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