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The USA Women's Volleyball team hasn't competed on US soil since they won gold in the Olympics in Tokyo.  And they will be competing this week at the Brookshire Grocery Arena, including their first game tonight against Dominican Republic. Teams from around the world arrived in Shreveport last week in preparation for this weeks' competition. Teams competing this week include Team USA, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Dominican Republic and Korea.  Highlighting the competition will be a rematch of the Olympic gold metal competition between Team USA vs. Brazil on Saturday night.

Photo courtesy of Erin McCarty- TSM
Photo courtesy of Erin McCarty- TSM

If you want to catch the action, here is the complete schedule of games for the week:

Tuesday, May 31st

5:00P- Germany vs. Brazil                                                                                        8:00P- USA vs. Dominican Republic

Wednesday, June 1st

5:00P- Poland vs. Canada                                                                                        8:00P- Korea vs. Japan

Thursday, June 2nd

2:00P- Brazil vs. Poland                                                                                            5:00P- Germany vs. Japan                                                                                        8:00P- Canada vs. Dominican Republic

Friday, June 3rd

2:00P- German vs. Korea                                                                                          5:00P- Dominican Republic vs. Brazil

8:00P- USA vs. Canada

Saturday, June 4th

2:00P- Korea vs. Poland                                                                                            5:00P- Dominican Republic vs. Japan                                                                      8:00P- USA vs. Brazil

Sunday, June 5th

12:00P- Poland vs. Germany                                                                                    3:00P- Japan vs. USA

6:00P- Korea vs. Canada

Photo courtesy of Brookshire Grocery Arena via Facebook
Photo courtesy of Brookshire Grocery Arena via Facebook

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