Is LSU in Baton Rouge on the verge of becoming even more "woke?" According to an article at, Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge may soon be teaching white students classes in "Confronting Anti-Blackness."

According to website writer Rod Dreher, perhaps not coincidentally an LSU grad, there is currently a proposal before the university's Faculty Senate, officially titled "Confronting Anti-Blackness By Ensuring Undergraduate Access to Anti-Racist Curricular Offering."

Dreher also writes that the proposal is expected to pass.

The proposal reads:

 "Whereas AAAS2000 supplies students to studying Black experience in the US, and equips students with the tools for identifying and combating anti-Blackness, which has played such a specific and immense role in the history of the state of Louisiana and our university, and thereby helps students begin the process of identifying and combating the many forms of intersecting oppression that characterize 21st century United States life."

And it would appear that even though some on the faculty object, they are fearful to attach their name to their anti-woke opinion. Again, from Dreher and the "One of those dissenters works for the university, and reached out to me to say, 'This proposal comes from faculty members affiliated with AAAS [African & African American Studies], but what is interesting is that the Black Student Athletes Association has provided the impetus for this proposal. This is just great student athletes at LSU dictating academic requirements and curriculum for the entire university, with the complicity of LSU faculty who would like to impose a singular racial world view on all students enrolled in the university.'"

Dreher also laments the inaction of the Republican controlled legislature, accusing them of silence in the face of leftist indoctrination of the state's students.

In the end, Dreher seems to concede that this is one more battle that Conservatives have not only lost, but failed to even fight. "This is the kind of thing that bugs me about us conservatives. We stay focused on performative nonsense that satisfies some emotionally, but changes nothing. Meanwhile, the Left marches through the institutions, and sets itself up to capture the minds of the next generation."

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