SHREVEPORT, LA - I love finding out about young people doing silly things that make me laugh. These days, I've been getting some chuckles from the children of Congressman Mike Johnson. His sons have done some some pretty funny things that might make you say "boys will be boys." But this memory the Congressman shared from 2019 makes me remember so many of the things my sons have done.

I'm sure you probably have great memories like this. I even remember my brothers doing some pretty crazy things when they were young. Some of those mischievous acts surely can not be mentioned here even though the statute of limitations is up.

I'm sure my brothers have rolled lots of houses and maybe even egged a few. But the sons of the Congressman don't do those kinds of things (at least we hope not). For my producer, Rueben Wright's most mischievous acts, he says we really can't mention most of them. From what it sounds like, there's a long list. My co-host Mike Martindale also has a long list and wouldn't let me call his Mom to ask about any of them. I do think the statute of limitations is up on all of his "activities".

So what did the Johnson boys do? The Congressman says the family had a small boat he was about to have refurbished, but before that could be done, Jack and Will plopped the boat in the backyard pool and took it for a spin.

Courtesy of Mike Johnson
Courtesy of Mike Johnson

Have the Congressmen's Boys Done These Kinds of Things Before?

This isn't the first time Jack Johnson has done something to make me laugh. Back at the end of the school year, this goofball came up with a pretty creative outfit to wear to school on "Anything but a Backpack Day." That's the one day students bring their supplies to school in something other than a back pack. Kids bring laundry baskets, strollers and so much more. Jack brought his books to class in a kayak strapped to a skateboard. Pretty ingenious.

So if anyone questions how redneck our Congressman is, I think we can simply point to his sons. I bet the sons got much of this from good ol' pops.

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