A memo has been circulating on social media claiming there is a serious mold problem at Shreveport Police Headquarters. But we have learned the memo is not official and was not sent out by SPD Management.

Here's what it says.

SPD Memo

This is not an official memo. It's a fake.  But are the allegations in the memo true? Several officers inside the department tell KEEL News mold is a big problem inside the building. It has to do with the swamp cooler that was being used as a temporary fix to the air conditioning problem inside the building. But experts will tell you the mold problem can likely be traced to this cooler. The swamp cooler blows air over water to cool things in the building. But that moisture can result in mildew or mold.

The bigger question here is what should be done to fix the problem and fix the hundreds of other problems in the aging building at Texas and Murphy? Some have suggested completely tearing the building down and building a new complex. Others have suggested moving to alternative buildings such as Millenium Studios or even the Sears Building. This would cost money. Would you be ok with footing the bill?

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