A morning demonstration by activist group "We The People" at the Shreveport Police Department's station was a fairly small demonstration, but the message was huge. Along with calling for police reform after 2 men died in police custody here in Shreveport, the protesters were also calling for the firing of Training Officer Brent Mason after making social media posts about the death of George Floyd.

Mason was placed on leave with pay after the incident, pending further investigation. The post was as follows:

"I have been training Police for over 12yrs now and with more than 25 years of service .. This is a common mistake and poor technique often made by Police Officers. The knee is not supposed to go across the nap of the neck. Most common when the suspect is assisting by bucking or bridging. The knee has to angled across the shoulder blades during handcuffing. This was a mistake or misstep not an act of murder. Normally this mistake does not result in death. The cause of death will be more likely to be positional asphyxia or excited delirium. This individual more likely had health conditions and toxics in his blood. (no report yet) I feel that Minneapolis Police Dept. Jumped the gun by arresting and firing the 4 officers. Wow.. where is the innocent until proven guilty !! ?? Minnesota ??"

The speakers in the group were saying that leave with pay was not a punishment, but a "paid vacation", and the post he made was not a good look for a public servant.

SPD Station Protest

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