Police officers and firefighters in Shreveport are urging city leaders to find a way to fund an increase in pay. Both chiefs say they are losing forces to other communities where the officers and firefighters can make more money.

Council woman LeVette Fuller has proposed a pay raise for police officers by using money from the budget for positions that are unfilled and have been unfilled for quite some time.

But Fire Chief Scott Wolverton has stepped up to ask for help with pay for his department as well.

He has proposed to the Public Safety Committee several options to boost pay. One plan calls for a public safety fee. Another idea is a 1/4 cent increase in the sales tax.

The state sales tax rate in Louisiana is 4.450%. With local taxes, the total sales tax rate is between 4.450% and 11.450%.

Pay Raise Proposal

The average across the state is 9.128%.

Here are the sales tax rates in the major cities across our state:

Alexandria 9;95

Baton Rouge 9.95

Bossier City 9.45

Lafayette 8.45

Lake Charles 10.2

Monroe 10.44

Natchitoches 9.95

New Orleans 9.45

Shreveport 9.05


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