Some testy words are exchanged about the plan to boost police and fire pay in Shreveport. Police Union Association President Dr. Michael Carter says he is not happy with Councilman Grayson Boucher's plan to boost pay by just 4%. Carter says he has put together a detailed plan and that is what Councilwoman LeVette Fuller has presented to the council. It calls for elimination dozens of police positions and using that money to fund a pay raise for police.

Carter sent out this letter this morning opposing the plan from Boucher who chairs the Public Safety Committee.

🔴 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The one main focus on Councilman Boucher’s agenda has been to derail and stop Resolution 100....

Posted by Shreveport Police Officer's Association on Friday, October 2, 2020

Carter says he has a huge problem with Councilman Grayson Boucher. He has questions for Boucher "Why has he tried to make this pay plan out to be evil. Why have you attacked Councilwoman LeVette Fuller? He has a chance to support this. He will not support a police pay plan no matter what the police need or how badly they need it." The plan Carter presented would eliminated 49 positions from the police department. Carter says Boucher continually puts Firefighters first.

Here's more from this interview:

KEEL caught up with Councilman Boucher who chairs the Public Safety Committee to get his reaction.

Carter says "we don't have time to play petty politics. The police are in a devastating and dire situation right now."

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