Halloween's almost here and grownups across the Shreveport and Bossier City area are stocking up on treats to giveaway to youngsters knocking at their door.

No doubt if you took a survey of 50 kids asking them to name their favorite Halloween candy, you'd probably come up with 50 different answers, everything from Reese's to Hershey's chocolate to Snickers. But when it comes to what youngsters like the least, the responses narrow to just a few. Five, in fact.

So, beware, Halloween moms and dads. Unless you want to take a chance of waking up on the morning after Trick or Treat with rolls and rolls of toilet paper hanging from the trees in your front yard or broken eggs on your cars windshield, make certain to avoid the following. We present - for your own protection and safety - the Official Top 5 Worst Things Kids Hate to Find in Their Halloween Candy Bags.

Consider yourself warned.

5 Worst Things Kids Can Find in Their halloween Trick or Treat Bags

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