I'll admit, I'm a vodka guy (just like James Bond, by the way). I learned to drink it with my Dad who also eschewed what he called, 'caramel colored beverages'. That certainly doesn't make me unique, as millions of bottles of the clear spirit are sold every year worldwide. 

But what are the top sellers? So, here they are, with a bit of pertinent info attached. Oh, and my favorite, Grey Goose, missed the list, finishing a cool seventh.

5) Krupnik  Never heard of it? Me either! That's because it's only recently become availabl here in the US. But, it's a longtime fave and a topseller across western Europe and China.

4) Pyat Ozer  Pyat Ozer? Are you freaking kidding me? That's not a vodka, it's a hockey player! Nossir, Pyat Ozer, made in Siberia, sells more than six and a half million cases a year.

3) Belenkaya  Another Russian brand highly popular in Europe and another one I've never heard of. But they sell 7.3 million cases a year, so what do I know?

2Absolut  At last, a vodka that I've heard of (and my second choice, by the way). This well know brand - also Russian - comes in a variety of flavors and sells more that 11.5 million cases every year.

1) Smirnoff  Not only the world's number one vodka, but the top selling spirit on the planet! And it's number one by a mile, selling more than 25 million cases a year, more than doubling the sales of its nearest competitor!